About Us

This is me, Toni, the founder of Kalakoa Swim. I thought I would give you lovely people a quick run down of why I started this brand. 
I have always loved being at the beach, which stemmed from my childhood within Surf Lifesaving. Every chance I could get I was down at the beach playing in the water, I loved being a lifeguard too. It was always so rewarding and such a great lifestyle to have when you are young as you make so many friends being there most weeknights and every weekend. Over the years I have accumulated about 40 pieces of swimwear, all bright and colourful, in late 2019 I decided to take the leap and combine my favourite things in life, and created Kalakoa Swim. 
I am always brainstorming new innovations to help with the stay-ability of my products but for now as I am trying to find my feet I have chosen designs (more so for my 2021 summer collection) that I believe will be able to last whether you are swimming or surfing. They always go through a quality control test by me too!
All of our material are Carvico Vita and Repreve Lycra. Carvico Vita is an Italian material made from recycled fish nets from the ocean and Repreve Lycra is an American material made from plastic bottles (and other plastic matter)  recycled from landfills. In the future I would like to design a programme that allows customers to send back their swimwear when they no longer use it so we can then upcycle it appropriately in exchange for a credit towards a new product. This way the material doesn’t go to waste and customers are getting rewarded for good sustainability practices.
I hope this answers some questions and I would love to hear from any of you, feel free to jump on social media and give us a bell anytime!
Lots of love,
Toni xx